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The CR-90 transport ships zoomed across the stars, heading toward the planet Malastare. Erika had placed a large order of servant girls to be sent to her. A total of one hundred-twenty were aboard the three ships and every single servant girl was meant to help satisfy Erika's never ending hunger.   
Maggie sat peacefully in her seat. She liked it when her surroundings were calm and serene. In her line of work such peace and quiet was rare. She sat in her comfy seat with her eyes closed, listening to the other servant girls talking amongst themselves. Several servant girls were with her on her journey. Female humans, Twi'leks, and Togruta were found in all the seats of the food supply ship. They were all meant to be delivered to Erika, who would feast on them once she got hungry.
Maggie held herself in her seat, trying to keep herself warm. She had chosen a red dress for her disguise as a servant girl and it wasn't very thick. Maggie had had enough and decided to look for a blanket or some other clothes to keep her warm. She stood up and headed toward the ship's supply room. Perhaps she could find something cozy in there for her to use.
Maggie opened the door for the room and looked around. She saw much food, water, and even medical supplies. Eventually she gazed upon a heavy coat for her to wear and she grabbed it and put it on. At last she felt the warmth she yearned for. Maggie smiled and slowly headed toward the exit of the supply room.
Then, out of nowhere, the ship shook wildly and knocked Maggie to the floor. Maggie remained calm and ran toward the supply room's window. Maggie's eyes grew a bit wide as she saw several starfighters heading toward the convoy of ships. Their convoy was under attack. "Pirates" Maggie whispered to herself.
Several A-wings opened fire onto the leading transport of the convoy. The supply ships increased their speed and headed to Malastare at a much faster rate, hoping to escape from the pirates. Unfortunately, the pirate ships were able to keep up with the transports easily. The A-wing's laser cannons continued to fire upon the leading transport, causing it to slow down considerably. Eventually the transport gave up and stopped dead in space, disabled from the blasts. The two remaining transports returned fire in an attempt to defend themselves, destroying two A-wings in the process. The other A-wings dodged the blasts and began to attack the second transport. It was obvious to Maggie that the convoy was outmatched.
The transport Maggie was on was headed toward Malastare at full speed. The second transport had already been disabled and was left with the pirates to deal with. Maggie's transport was nearly out of range when a couple of laser cannon shots hit the engines. The engines exploded and the transport found itself without any sort of control. With no guidance whatsoever the ship began to fall down toward Malastare. The ship was going to crash onto the planet.
Maggie's transport was falling toward the planet at incredible speed. Most of the hull was either on fire or coming apart from all the pressure. Soon the transport entered the atmosphere, still falling at a very dangerous speed. The ship was completely out of control and all the violent shaking made Maggie lose her footing. She was flung across the supply room before she could reach the exit and her head slammed onto the bulkhead, knocking her out for the time being. The ship finally hit the ground with a big bang and the hit caused the whole surface to shake. The hull gave out a piercing shriek once it made contact with the surface. The transport slid across the jungle surface for a few minutes before finally coming to a screeching halt. With nothing to help it, the ship just laid there, the fires slowly going out on the hull of the supply ship with Maggie laying on the floor in the supply room.
After a few hours, Maggie finally woke up. She was quite amazed that she managed to survive the crash. She rubbed her head in pain and looked around. The ship was in ruins. After collecting herself, Maggie got up and looked for a way out. As she searched the ship, Maggie found that there were no other passengers onboard. There weren't even any dead bodies. Miraculously, every passenger seemed to have survived the ordeal. Maggie finally saw her exit through an emergency hatch and slipped out of the crashed ship. However, as soon as she saw what was out there, Maggie quickly jumped back into the ship. Something was outside. More accurately, someone was outside.
    Maggie looked outside and saw an amazing sight, a very big and beautiful sight in Maggie's eyes. Maggie had never seen anything like her in her career. She had heard many tales about them and even Mel mentioned them, but this was the first time Maggie had actually believed them or Mel. Sitting right next to Maggie in all her beauty was a real giantess!
The giantess was absolutely gorgeous. She had long and soft black hair that went past her shoulders and her dark brown eyes were so deep. Her tanned skin looked softer than pillows and her sexy legs went on for miles. Her feet looked so smooth and cute and her toes were painted pink. Her breasts were so big and juicy-looking that Maggie found herself licking her own lips while staring at them. The giantess wore a white sleeveless dress that went down to her knees. She was such a stunning sight.
Maggie stayed in her hiding spot for the time being. She didn't want the giantess to know she was there so she stayed put. As Maggie watched her she noticed a large bowl lying next to the big woman. The bowl was filled with three girls and they all seemed excited. Maggie then realized that these were the servant girls that survived the crash. The giantess looked into the bowl and smiled. Maggie could hear the loudest growls she had ever heard coming from the giantess's soft tummy. Maggie's eyes grew wide once she figured out what was going on. The giantess was devouring the servant girls!
With her large soft hands, the giantess reached for a red Twi'lek girl and picked her up. She dangled the girl in front of her pretty face and smiled sweetly. The giantess then opened her very large mouth and stuck out her massive pink tongue. She gave the Twi'lek a slow and savoring lick and covered the girl in sweet saliva. The giantess moaned softly at the delicious taste of the Twi'lek and without a second thought the giantess wrapped her wet tongue around the girl and pulled the servant girl into her mouth. The giantess licked every single part of the girl, from her big red breasts to her sultry legs. The giantess continued to moan with each lick and after a few minutes of licking the girl, the giantess swallowed her prey and sent the girl sliding down her wet throat. The big woman licked her pink lips and smiled. She then looked down and picked up another servant girl.
Maggie was intimidated but she remained calm. She knew that if she lost her cool she would be found and be sent to the giantess's belly. She didn't make a single peep. All she could do is sit there and watch the show.
The giantess placed another girl, this time a lovely female human, onto her pink tongue and pulled her inside her maw. The giantess moaned even louder and even started to rub her left breast. She was clearly enjoying the taste of her snack. After a thorough licking from the giantess, the girl inside slid across the pink tongue and down the giantess's throat. Maggie followed the bulge the girl was making all the way down her throat and to her stomach where she met her fate. Maggie also noticed that the giant woman's belly was already wiggling with many girls inside. She must have eaten much more than just two girls.
With only one girl left in the bowl, the giantess reached for her and held close to her face. The girl, a red and white-skinned Togruta, motioned for the giantess's attention. The giantess stopped and stared at the girl, intrigued by what she was trying to do. The Togruta pointed to the giantess's feet and smiled. After realizing what the girl wanted, the giantess smiled back and slowly placed the girl by her feet. The Togruta then lied on her back and closed her eyes. Then, the giantess lifted her soft foot over the girl and gently smashed the Togruta against the ground. The giantess made sure not to hurt the girl, but she nevertheless applied a good amount of force against the Togruta girl. Underneath the giantess's foot laid the girl, moaning loudly as her hands began massaging the great foot as it pressed against her. The giantess arched her back slightly and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. After a good amount of time passed, the giantess lifted her foot to look at the girl, who was smiling widely. The giantess smiled back and reached for the girl to pick her up again. It was time to make this Togruta her dinner.
With a sweet smile on her face, the giantess gazed upon the Togruta one last time. She then gave the girl a tender kiss with her enticing lips and opened her mouth. She placed the girl inside her maw and closed her mouth, moaning softly at the girl's taste. With her pink tongue the giantess licked every inch of the girl. She sampled everything from the Togruta's huge red breasts to her heavenly legs. After savoring the wonderful features of the girl, the giantess finally swallowed the girl and sent her to the giantess's warm tummy.
With all the girls devoured, the giantess decided to leave. She stood up and rose to an incredible height, dusting off her white dress after she did. She gave her full belly a small pat as she licked her lips, and then she turned around and left the scene, leaving large footprints of her desirable feet in the ground.
After waiting till the coast was clear, Maggie finally came out of her hiding spot. She surveyed the area and found no sign of the giantess. She couldn't even hear the booming footsteps of the big woman anymore. Maggie then sat on the ground and leaned against the crashed ship, trying to think of what to do next.
Suddenly, Maggie heard a strange zooming sound. It was the sound of a speeder. Maggie climbed into her hiding spot again and waited to see what was coming. She eyed the jungle terrain and watched for any movement she could see. So far she saw nothing. Not a single speeder in sight.
Then, Maggie finally saw what was heading toward her. Several skiffs carrying armed gunmen drove to her position. The men consisted of many Gran and Dugs. They exited their craft, readied their weapons, and started calling out for survivors. Some seemed to be a bit scared of being out in the jungle, which made sense since the jungle held many nasty creatures. Maggie decided to continue playing her role as a servant girl and rose from her hiding spot, alerting the men. One Gran came up to Maggie and asked if anyone else survived.
"I'm the only one left. A giantess came and ate all the others" said Maggie.
The Gran scratched his head and ordered the other men to get aboard the skiffs. They had to leave before any other creatures came wandering about. Maggie grinned as she climbed aboard the craft. She survived the crash landing, she hadn't been eaten by the giantess, she had been rescued and now she was heading to Erika. Everything was looking up for her.
Chapter six. Features giantess soft F/FFF vore and crushing. Please comment.

This story is dedicated to Mark Lee, who has greatly amazed us with his delicious and highly creative animation and wonderful art. As a thank you for your kindness, this story is for you Mark Lee. Thank you very much.
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